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Cellar Area

KELLER - SALM Brauanlagen

SALM brewery systems are available with three different tank technologies:

1. separate fermentation and storage tanks
2. UNI-tanks, which are used both as fermentation and storage tanks
3. CCF and CCT as cylindro-conical fermentation and storage tanks

Every beer production ends in the pressure dispensing tanks, which are available in vertical and horizontal design, the horizontal version is the most popular one because these tanks can be operated with one way beer bags.

KELLER 1 - SALM Brauanlagen
GT10/l und LT10/l in Russia

Most of the tanks are also available as “double size” tanks, which are dimensioned to hold the capacity of two batches. With a higher number of brews per week and a lower number of different types of beer at the same time, this option is recommended to reduce space requirements and investment costs.

DSC00619 - SALM Brauanlagen
DAST 10/l, suitable for all brewhouses

Sometimes it might be necessary to manufacture custom-made tanks because of a tight room situation. This is also no problem for us.

DSC00699 - SALM Brauanlagen
uni-tank with electronic regulation
LOKAL2 - SALM Brauanlagen
UNI32/l with MB162C5B brewhouse and wort cooling, Brazil