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SALM High Tech Brewery Plants

Ready to rumble....
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SALM‘s most modern brewery plant ever build just ran it’s first brew. “Stoeckl im Park” is the venue on Prinz-Eugen-Straße 25 along the district line of 3rd and 4th district.
EC202A07 is the code of the Brewhouse, a 20hl masterpiece with the newest Brewhouse Control System BREWMATIC 2007 DOUBLE SCREEN, which allows even tripple decoction to brew full automatically. For entertaining guests of the adjected Restaurant, a fully restored historical control panel of an old brewhouse from the fifties has been digital converted and allows remote control and monitoring.

The actual sensation however is our new version of the gas powered external mash- and wort heater. The first generation was already sensational in low energy consumption at 1.62m3/hL NG at single decoction and 60min wort pressure boiling for 12.5*B.
The new version of the MBAK Gen.2, paired with the newest Weishaupt WG20 with digital control and analog backup (redundancy is always a SALM priority) however sets again new standards. Same batch runs now for as little as 1.25m3/hL NG.
Also new is full automatic wort cooling and computerized CIP of the whirlpool/wort cooler unit.
And finally the full automated fermentation and aging temperature control system.

Most of these features are not made for the “small “ plant, but who knows...

Photos will follow shortly...
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SALM Brewery Plants up to a size of 32hl (brewhouse) are designed to fit on regular trucks and can be lifted by a construction crane with a 2t-weight limit. The re-piping of the stripped brewhouse is done in a few hours.
The shown High-Tech-Plant with a 20hl-brewhouse and single batch UNI-tanks intigrate all technical features of a 40hl-industrial plant.
Stöckl im Park´s brewery plant has an annual capacity of 4000hl at five different beer types at the same time and displays the latest technological standard.
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CNN Report, new Restaurant Brewery in Manila, made by SALM ... See MoreSee Less

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We have been working with SALM equipment for over 20 years now and it still works like a charm!
N. Ionova
Magnitogorsk, Russia
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