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Att. all our customers with SALM Brewmatic 03 or higher:For security reasons the remote accessibility has been closed and your port has been sealed until further notice. For the time being, updates will require the physical presence of our service team.Thank you for your understanding. ... See MoreSee Less
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Although SALM has been manufacturing the most energy-saving brewery systems since 1984, without having to "buy" this low energy consumption by simplifying the brewing process, this topic was not a priority for many interested parties.The mash and wort boiling system developed by SALM, which was also patented at the time, requires only approx. 1m3 of natural gas per hl, and this with decoction and 50min wort pressure boiling in the vacuum kettle. Other manufacturers only come close to these numbers with massive simplifications of the brewing process, e.g. with infusion processes and with only hot holding of the wort without DMS reduction, perfect for beers with "kraut aroma".Other manufacturers, especially one that claims the development of the external boiler, seem to have little idea about the energy calculation. A little excursion into the technical literature will show that the technologically required heating rate should be around 1°C/min. How should that work out with only 30kW electrical connection value for a 10hl brewhouse ?Also, a few competitors reduce the offer price by simply omitting the so important whirlpool, well, then have fun with the weekly disassembly of the wort cooler for cleaning.As a developer of SALM brewery equipment, I could sometimes climb the walls, how much nonsense is sold to especially little brewing technology-affine prospective customers. With some systems, one could believe that Daniel Düsentrieb was directing them.Even if you take a closer look at the offers, you will quickly come to the conclusion that these "constructions" are not that much cheaper than a quality product from SALM..... ... See MoreSee Less
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STOCK CLEARANCE1 complete SALM High Tech Brewery Plant for 500hl/year, 2-vessel-SALM-5hl-Brewhouse for step infusion and decoction, SALM Brewmatic 02, external mash and wort heater for steam (steam generator not included), Whirlpool, dual step wort cooler with aeration device, direct yeast injection, including 3 double batch full insulated and jacket cooled UNI-tanks, including 2 double batch insulated and jacket cooled pressure dispensing tanks, cooling unit and malt mill included, ex factory Vienna for less than € 300.000,--3 years warranty - the most energy saving technology without shortcuts of brewing technologyonly one plant on stock - first come first serveadditional tanks available to expand the capacity from 500hl/y to 1000hl/y ... See MoreSee Less
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STOCK CLEARANCE at SALM !!!We need more space for new projects and have to downsize our inventory. Despite the catastrophic impact of Covid-19 we continued our manufacturing of brewery plants at low profile. All the material has been purchased in 2019 and before, at a time, stainless steel and electronics were available at normal prices. We are now able to offer our stock plants for 30% below the actual prices.We also offer a free installation (supervised installation) for all plants ordered before the end of January.Our stock includes complete plants with brewhouses of 5hl, 10 and 20hl. Delivery time will be max. 3 months (completing upon country specific requirements). All plants come with a 5 years warranty program.Take advantage of this unique opportunity, start your own brewery now and change your old and energy intensive equipment to the worlds most advance and most energy saving technology.Contact us at ... See MoreSee Less
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We have been working with SALM equipment for over 20 years now and it still works like a charm!
N. Ionova
Magnitogorsk, Russia
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